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- Your family's story told through my lens -


I am a believer in Jesus, a traveler of all places, and passionate about living in the moment and enjoying the gifts God has blessed us with.

My goal is to tell your family's story through my lens.  When the dust settles and those we love are no longer here, all we have left is our memories and their pictures.  My home is full of those pictures, my life in several snap shots.  

I want that for you.  

I want you to walk your halls and smile as you remember that day you were graduating, or getting married.  They day you felt most beautiful, with your growing baby still inside or the day your baby, now grown, was small enough to fit in the crook of your elbow. Those moments that can turn into the blur of our fast-moving lives, those are the moments I want you to remember.                                                                                                     


Meet Amanda.

Hello and Welcome to my little space. Thank you for being here!

I am a Child-Development Major turned Social-Worker turned Photographer... 

I am married to the most loving, supportive and kind man alive.  He is a gift to me and I would not be talking to you today without his belief in me and my dreams... 

I am a mother to two sweet, spunky and sassy little girls!  They bring so much joy to my life and humble me every day.  I am truly blessed to be their momma...

I love the color blue, iced coffee (LOTS of iced coffee), spring-time in Chico, bike rides, and a good book...

- Enjoy a little peek into some of my favorite work -


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I feel privileged to capture precious new life, just how you are and in the comfort of your home.  It is my goal that these pictures will be timeless, emotional, and full of love. 

Two hours - In your home




Family photos capture a small moment in your story.  A constant reminder of where you were and what you were feeling, so that you can share these memories for generations to come.

One hour - Outdoor location




Getting married or graduating?  Let us celebrate life together with a fun-filled shoot in a beautiful location meaningful to you.  Your joy is contagious and I can’t wait to capture it!

Two Hours - Indoor/Outdoor Location


All packages are customizable with professional prints and albums available.

Please Contact for Pricing Details.


- As always, please contact me with any questions you may have -


Can I meet you before I book a session?

Yes please!  I love to get to know my clients.  Lets chat over the phone or let me buy you a cup of coffee. I do love coffee...

Do you offer professional prints?

Yes!  I believe picture should be printed and placed in your home for all to see.  I offer a full range of professional print options to accompany your session.


Depending on your package choice, sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, but all packages are customizable to meet your family's needs.


If you would like, I will set up a personal Pinterest board for you.  Pinterest not your thing?  No problem, I would love to email you ideas for your session.

Can I change?

One outfit change is included in any session lasting longer than one hour.  My advice...focus on one outfit that really tells the story of who you are.

Do you have a studio?

No, but I do have a few items that I can bring to your home. It is my passion to create pictures that will be timeless and authentic to where your family is now.

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Excited? Let's chat!  I can't wait to get to know you!